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Not many people can say they have known their path since high school and have simply continued to build, add on and update. For 15+ years I have studied and practiced the marketing and sales skills required to grow a business. I have helped businesses acquire and serve customers and achieve their revenue growth goals. Talk to me today about how I can support your growth and put you on a solid track to success and profit.



I have studied marketing since high school. Since my senior year of college I have known I wanted to be in sales. I was the Director of New Business for a small ad agency right out of college. I have since proven performance at enterprises such as Dell and Office Depot. Operations loves me because I drive metrics and double assigned quotas. I have been developing businesses, including my own, for 15+ years. I recently enrolled in a digital marketing program to update my degree. For online resume, go to


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Whether you are just starting out or in the maturity stage, I can find pipeline. I can define your success stories and target markets and lead you to them. Together we will define, acquire and grow your customer relationships.


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